Household linen plays the authenticity card

Household linen plays the authenticity card

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To find all the charm and authenticity of a country decor in your home, fall for a linen duvet cover or with a Jouy pattern, for hemp or check-out tea towels or even red striped cotton tablecloths . As you can see, the linens seize the patterns and materials of country houses to breathe an atmosphere of yesteryear from the kitchen to the room.

A bistro tablecloth

Becquet Create a bistro atmosphere in your dining room or in your kitchen? Easy with this beige tablecloth with large red stripes which gives the table all its charm.

Romantic style

Zara Home We love this beige and white bedroom which plays on the accumulation of bed linen. Overlay of numerous cushions, sheets, and blankets create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Zara Home Diamonds, damask and small crosses take possession of this charming blue and white bath linen. To accompany it, we opt for a small wooden chair, an old sink and a very simple woven basket.

A linen duvet cover

La Redoute Lovers of flax and soft colors, this gray duvet cover is made for you. To enhance its simplicity, a few white stripes delicately structure it.

A hemp tea towel

Color Hemp Hemp is one of the first plants domesticated by humans and appreciated for its solid fibers. Not at all old-fashioned, it is still used today to create beautiful colored tea towels.

A cozy bath towel

Delamaison So that the stone bathroom retains all its authentic and traditional appearance, there is no question of going wrong with the linens. We choose large fluffy and soft towels in light colors like beige and white.

Checked tea towels

Delamaison The Vichy motif in red and white has gone through decades without aging. In a kitchen full of charm and authenticity, we invite it on the tea towels that we hang to create the decor.

A tablecloth full of charm

Zara Home Beige background and baroque patterns make this tablecloth a decorative object full of charm. In a classic and chic dining room, it blends into the atmosphere without false note.

Provencal farmhouse

Zara Home Provencal mas atmosphere in this room which plays with blue and white. From cement tiles to bed linen, southern motifs are inviting without taboo. We are completely under the spell.