Storage cupboards around the bed

Storage cupboards around the bed

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Gaining a few square meters in a house or an apartment is precious. For this, we use and abuse all kinds of tricks to optimize space and storage. Today, we invite you to discover cupboards to place around the bed. An original idea for those who do not resist shopping sessions but also for siblings who share their room. Here is a slideshow that will show you many storage cupboards to put around the bed.

Different types of storage

Bastistella Here you find all kinds of storage. Above the bed, you will find cupboards, next to it are wardrobes, a desk and shelves that are installed. Everything you need in the minimum space.

All in height

Colombini Casa Here you find storage cupboards that use height to save space. We love the mixture of white and wood that adapts to any type of decor, and the shelves placed intelligently.


Corrazzin Group Here is a white room with lots of storage. An ideal choice to give free rein to your imagination on the decor side. Most ? Small hanging bedside tables for maximum space saving.


Délias Home Design Here is a magnificent bedroom offered by the Délias brand. We love all the storage that makes it up. There are shelves, wardrobes, cupboards and even drawers. It is the favorite of the editorial staff.


Faer Ambianti Here, you discover a white and very sober room. The cupboards adapt to the shape of each room. Thanks to a play of height, you can install cupboards above the bed and even above the doors.

A room for two

Faer Ambianti This room is ideal for children who have to share the room. The cupboards are placed high to free up space and integrate two beds. We like the fresh colors, the modern design and the shelves.


Faer Ambianti Here is a colorful and clever room. Here there are two beds, one in height surrounded by shelves and a sofa bed with cupboards. We like the ideally placed desk and the color of the furniture.

Bed bridge

Giessegi Here you will find a bed bridge with multiple storage spaces. On each side of the bed, there are wardrobes and above the cupboards. The blue color creates a marine and modern decor.

In wood

Rauch Here is a wooden bedroom with multiple storage spaces. We love the closets, wardrobes, the mirror and the headboard which allows you to store but also to decorate.