Kitchens that go up to the ceiling

Kitchens that go up to the ceiling

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Lack of space in your kitchen. Look no further, consider investing the walls up to the ceiling to store a maximum of business. Shelves, cupboards, boxes… every square centimeter is used in its entirety so as not to lose a crumb of your space. Demonstration…

From shelves to ceiling

Ikea Another solution, more aerial this time, consists of placing shelves up to the ceiling to have kitchen utensils, books or dishes. Both decorative and practical, however, avoid overloading them too much.

Closets to the ceiling

Ikea The kitchen cupboards have been placed to the top of the wall. Ideal for storing the things that are used the least but are still necessary from time to time.

Use the ceiling to hang objects

Ikea The ceiling can be used as shelves. Here, thanks to hanging rods and hooks, it is possible to hang pots, herbs and kitchen utensils.

Additional storage above the cupboards

Ikea Use the space available just above the cupboards to store boxes that harmonize with the rest of the decor. Practical for storing things to always have them on hand.

A wall that integrates cupboards up to the ceiling

Cuisinella Built-in cupboards allow you to create storage spaces up to the ceiling without choking the space. Integrated directly into the wall, they are the most discreet storage solution.

A plant partition in the kitchen

Ikea Separate the space from the kitchen by creating a partition with shelves. Put plants in pots above them and make up a wall of greenery.

Storage spaces that blend into the decor

Ikea If you do not want to visually overload your wall, you can use the space between the wall cupboards and the ceiling by arranging the objects but in the same tones as your kitchen so that they blend into the decor.

Install a lighting system

Purpose The space above the wall cupboards can be used to install a lighting system. Practical and decorative, it highlights your kitchen.

Useful, a decorative stepladder to catch the highest things

Ikea And to access this space which has become inaccessible, remember to equip yourself with a small extra step ladder that you will always keep close at hand!