Head to the Jardin Bohème with the new Harlequin collection

Head to the Jardin Bohème with the new Harlequin collection

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Thanks to Harlequin's superb, both exotic and sophisticated patterns, you can escape in no time. The new collection signed "Jardin Bohème" is a real invitation to travel, which it would be a shame to refuse! Floral patterns, bright colors, soft fabrics and graphic wallpapers are waiting for you. Take a look at our 10 favorites.

A bright blue wallpaper

Harlequin Blue lover, you will be served with this wallpaper that plays with different shades. Its ethnic forms breathe a bohemian spirit in the bedroom of parents or children.

A spring wallpaper

Harlequin At Harlequin, the flowers bloom even on the wallpaper. At the editorial office, we particularly like this one which lets spring come in by voice in the living room or in the bedroom.

Stripes and tiles made simple

Harlequin If you like simpler patterns, let yourself be tempted by checkered or striped fabrics. With their touch of bright color, they bring cheerfulness and lightness from the living room to the bedroom.


Harlequin Since linen is popular this season, we do not hesitate to adopt it as cushions. We love this embroidered, flowery version that we would like to install in any room of the house.

Invitation to well-being

Harlequin In this bohemian patterned living room, you can almost imagine yourself on the other side of the world. Ideal for feeling on vacation all year round, don't you think?

Ethnic patterns

Harlequin Here the same motif is exposed from the wallpaper to the curtains and the cushions. Its brown tones make it a beautiful ally of wood, so on the furniture side, you know what you have to do!

Cushions with vagabond accents

Harlequin The sun is there and the desires of getaways are also present. To give a taste of the holidays, we offer several colorful cushions with ethnic accents. Invigorating, right?

Bright green

Harlequin Daring bright colors in the bedroom can sometimes be risky. But with this vibrant green wallpaper with bohemian patterns, we don't hesitate for a second!

Folk motif

Harlequin The hippie chic style is back in force in our wardrobes, but not only! The proof with this colorful and flowery wallpaper totally in trend, that we put in the entrance to set the tone.