Mixing materials in the kitchen

Mixing materials in the kitchen

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The kitchen has a new look and always surprises us a little more. The editorial staff has selected ten different atmospheres where the materials are highlighted. The time when everything was unified is over, today brands and designers play with trends and materials. At home, we do the same by mixing the textures, without ever lacking in taste.

Metal and wood

Artech We once again find our friend the wood, which thanks to its many varieties can take all possible and imaginable aspects. Here it is old and molded for slightly retro closet doors. But the dated side is annihilated with large contemporary metal suspensions.

Slate and brick

Lareduc cuisine We always have more fun in the kitchen, which has become over the years a real place to live. While the parents are cooking and setting the table, the youngest children are allowed to draw on the walls. Don't panic, it's a painting that recycles the idea of ​​blackboards and goes perfectly with brick.

Smooth and volume

Lareduc Kitchen The mixing of materials also involves the effects given in a room. Here, we find a kitchen that combines relief patterns and smooth textures. We then have fun stroking the back wall which draws in 3D accessories and useful utensils for cooking.

Matt and shiny

Dipetanch Play of materials, play of textures, forms but also of the purely aesthetic aspect of the materials used: the red paint is adorned with a matt aspect and its color releases a significant power and energy, while the furniture and the white and gray appliances shine with their metallic appearance.

Slate, basalt and glass

Eggersmann At Eggersmann we don't do things by halves, and when we ask for a mixture of materials we are served. The brand offers a kitchen made up of more than a dozen materials, mainly: slate, basalt, granite, composite or even solid glass.

Glass and wood

Polit furniture In a kitchen where you have enough space to install a dining table, add a contemporary look by choosing it in glass. Indeed, a transparent tray, on wooden or metal legs, gives any kitchen a more modern touch.

Wood and stone

Polit furniture Wood, more wood. It must be said that the furniture of many kitchens is made of it. But it's up to you to choose what to associate it with. We select a central island in granite and a marble worktop. Stone is a quality material which has the advantage of being durable and which requires easy maintenance.

Matt and shiny

Polit furniture We find our favorite duo, the one that gives a kitchen a real look and an original decor. Brightness on the floor with stone tiles and the touch of mat which is given by large raw wood panels. The textures form a quality blend.

Carpet and light

Polit furniture In the living room, carpets stop at the entrance to the kitchen. But to draw more space, light is a real ally. On a black background, it defines the workstations in the kitchen, and sets the tone for a contemporary and minimalist atmosphere.