Stickers "bouquets of flowers" signed Flat Flowers

Stickers "bouquets of flowers" signed Flat Flowers

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To make the windowsill bloom, you don't need to buy bouquets from the local florist: Flat Flowers stickers do it! Designed to decorate our openings, they are visible on both sides of the glass, their fixing, static, does not stick and everything is reusable several times. In sum, chic and practical adhesive flower bouquets, which also do not fade. We succumbed.

Summer bouquet

Flat Flowers Sunflower fans are served. On the program: a pretty yellow bouquet brightening the decor of the windows…

Bouquet by car

Flat Flowers Even the rear window of the car calls for its spring bouquet. Quick, we quickly offer him well done: anyway, being reusable, he can, in the long term, reinvest the openings of the house!

Crazy Bouquet

Flat Flowers From the top of their hyacinth silhouette, these pink and purple flowers show us that bouquets of adhesives can be as chic as nothing wacky!

Fancy bouquet

Flat Flowers A few wandering flowers escaping from a tinted water glass diverted into a vase, that sublimates the window with a whimsical poetry…

Bouquet in the kitchen

Flat Flowers Bucolic view for this kitchen having adopted the concept of bouquet stickers on its windows. A little bit of nature and poetry very welcome at the time of activating in the stove room!

Romantic bouquet

Flat Flowers Beautiful romantic composition including some poppies and purple flowers. What charm the style of windows!

Charming bouquet

Flat Flowers Yellow, pink, purple or orange: in this bouquet, we find all the colors of the summer. A tribute to the coming spring and the coming summer!