The different styles of curtains

The different styles of curtains

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Saint Maclou curtains

Saint Maclou Curtains in Diana fabric. Rather classic curtains with their blue polycotton fabric and their silver patterns. For a timeless atmosphere. Composition: 63% polyester, 37% cotton. 17.90 euros per meter. Saint Maclou.

Heytens curtains Megève

Heytens Curtains made from Ecorce and Uno Vert fabrics for a very vegetal atmosphere in the colors of nature. Chocolate bark jacquard fabric, 59% polyester, 41% acrylic, L 140 cm. Price 26.90 euros. Uno Green fabric 50% polyester, 50% cotton, L 140 cm.

Heytens eyelet curtains

Heytens Curtains ready to hang with eyelets. For ease of installation and a contemporary atmosphere. To be preferred for small budgets. Ready-to-install panel in cheesecloth, in 100% cotton bachette in plain or themed color, integrated fusible band. Dimensions: from 135 to 140 cm (width), and 240 to 260 cm (height), with 8 round eyelets. Price: from 22.90 euros to 34.90 euros per panel.

Heytens curtains manhattan

Heytens Curtains made with brown Building jacquard fabric. Ideal for a masculine and young atmosphere but adapts to a neutral decor. Fabric 60% polyester, 20% acrylic, 20% cotton. Dimensions: 135 cm. Price: 24.90 euros / m.

Saint Maclou pink curtains

Saint Maclou Curtain made with striped Silea fabric for a young and colorful atmosphere. Ideal for an urban habitat. 51% polyester, 49% viscose. 138 cm wide. 15.90 euros per meter. Saint Maclou.

Heytens curtains istanbul

Heytens Curtains in cream Bodrum jacquard fabric for a classic and timeless atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. 100% polyester fabric. Dimensions: 135 cm (width). Price: 22.90 euros / m.