Bohemian style in 10 lessons

Bohemian style in 10 lessons

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The bohemian decor is inspired by the nomadic world and its cultures. Colors, natural materials, patterns and distant memories are essential to recreate the traditional spirit of each part of the globe in the home. Far from being an accumulation, the bohemian decor works in details, accessories and precise choice of materials. It is getting more chic, less colorful but just as authentic this year. Here are 10 illustrated lessons for a successful bohemian chic decor.

Woven baskets all over the house!

La Redoute - AM.PM The essential accessory for a bohemian decor that thinks chic and trendy is of course the woven basket. Small, large, on the wall, on the floor ... they invade the house and take on different functions depending on the room. We really like them revisited in plant pots, like here with AM.PM models.

Accumulate textiles with ethnic patterns

La Redoute - AM.PM Textiles have a very special place in bohemian decor. Worked in natural materials such as cotton, wool or even linen, plaids, quilts and bed throws invite themselves with ethnic patterns in the living room as in the bedroom. On the color side, no fixed principle: you can play warm colors (ocher, yellow, brown) like black and white or more marked shades, like fuchsia.

Choosing natural materials

Hannah Blackmore To work your interior with the bohemian style even if you are not * color addict *, know that this look is also thought in black and white. The important thing? Use natural materials for furniture, suspensions and accessories. Solid wood, rattan, wicker, linen or wool bring a very natural and soothing spirit to the house. As for objects found around the world, they are displayed on the wall like works of art.

Welcome plants in the house

Urban Outfitters Who says bohemian says harmony with nature. So we green our interior to bring it freshness and vitality. Plants are displayed on pedestals and in hanging pots. We do not hesitate to force the line, thus joining the tropical trend, in vogue in decoration this year.

Install a Berber carpet in the living room

La Redoute Interiors Bohemian inspiration is also and above all the inspiration of cultures. The house then becomes a land of welcome for objects from around the world, like Berber carpets. For an assumed chic side, we opt for black and white models, more sober but just as authentic as the colorful kilims.

Mix rattan and fabrics with warm colors

Maisons du Monde If there is one lesson to be learned from the bohemian style, it is certainly the use of rattan. It is found in accessories (baskets, suspensions, mirrors, magazine racks) as in living room furniture. This year, the armchairs and sofas are therefore thought to be caning and covered with colored seats (or cushions).

Dare to paint the walls in color

Maisons du Monde The bohemian look is not afraid to invite color into the home, including on the walls! We dare to paint the walls in bright yellow, leaf green or fuschia pink without any apprehension, since the mix and match works.

Adopt rattan rocking chair

Maisons du monde The rocking chair is making a comeback in decoration, but beware, it must be chosen from rattan! Comfortable and elegant, we love this retro-looking seat. It is associated with cushions with worked patterns to energize it.

Sheers instead of curtains

Urban Outfitters Exit thick curtains! The bohemian look is light, fresh and dynamic. We will therefore use satin sheers which seem to shine in the sun. We love the light they let in the room as their shimmering colors, like this sparkling mole.