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The same for less: a clock that throws

The same for less: a clock that throws

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Whether old, design, unusual, quirky or simply utilitarian, the time has come for clocks to regain their reputation in the world of interior design. Pop style for a vitaminized interior, minimalist for a modern and trendy look, old for a country house atmosphere, make your clock a centerpiece of your home.

Old double-sided station clock Cdiscount Marketplace 40.00 euros / Old double-sided station clock La Beaujolaise Décoration d'Autrefois 37.90 euros

Cdiscount Marketplace - Decoration of Yesteryear Totally in tune with the times, old double-sided station clocks combine British style with industrial style and simplicity. Ideal for a decoration that mixes business with pleasure, they will bring an original decorative note to your room. Large volumes will build on the La Beaujolaise clock. Smaller, the reduced spaces will opt for their part for its counterpart.

Ball clock inspired by George Nelson Privatefloor 101.00 euros / Clock colored balls pendulum round multicolor AC Deco 12.99 euros

Privatefloor - AC Déco In love with flashy colors and rounded shapes, make your interior sparkle with one of these two multicolored clocks in tangy tones, for an assumed pop style. Between tonic colors and more sober colors, it's now up to you to decide.

Amikado blue lemon vinyl clock 35.00 euros / Maison Futée blue vinyl clock clock 14.90 euros

Amikado - Maison Futée The retro trend continues to intrude into our interiors. The return to the forefront of the decoration of the 60's and 70's has thus rehabilitated objects that we thought were forever lost, like the vinyl record diverted into a design clock. With or without registration, it's all about taste!

Absolutely Design covered clock 20.50 euros / AC Deco orange round pendulum 16.99 euros

Absolument Design - AC Déco A table! Forks and spoons invite you to sit at the table with the covered clock seen on the Absolument Design website. Made from table cutlery, it will seduce you with its original and unusual design. For a more colorful note, fall for the clock seen on AC Déco.

Clock old Balancier Paris Château de Monceau Cdiscount 36 euros / Clock old Balancier Jardin de Monceau Decoration of Yesteryear 26.90 euros

Cdiscount - Décoration d'Autrefois Rediscover all the charm and elegance of Paris with these two retro clocks. With their aged patina finishes and their old design, they will bring an authentic touch to your interior. Small budgets will prefer the Jardin de Monceau clock.

Roman numeral clock Net Gift 39.92 euros / Roman numeral wall clock Close Up Shop 8.99 euros

Net Gift - Close Up Shop Do not play the irreducible Gallic and let yourself be enchanted by the sublime aluminum clock with Roman numerals. Followers of the Do It Youself trend, you will rather bet on the black clock to assemble yourself and at a mini price Close Up Shop.

White Style Jazz Floor Clock Net Gift 129 euros / Orium Home Hardware Clock 107.06 euros

Net Gift - Home Equipment Installed on a bedside table or placed on a desk, the Jazz standing clock is the essential ally of practical and aesthetic decoration. Also discover its black counterpart at a reduced price.

Homelava black and red wall clock 26.99 euros / Dezign numbers clock wall sticker 23.92 euros

Homelava - Dezign Very decorative, the black and red wall clock seen on Homelava will adapt to any room in your interior and will bring a touch of fantasy to your space. Followers of the adhesive wall trend, the clock seen on Dezign will easily blend into a modern atmosphere.

Alu Cuizine and Co time clock 34.00 euros / Big time silver clock La Redoute 32.90 euros

Cuizine and Co - La Redoute Minimalist and refined, these are the qualifiers that we can already attribute to these ultra design clocks. Ideal in a modern and contemporary interior, they will sublimate your interior with ease. In aluminum or pure white color, the choice is yours.