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The But 2013 - 2014 collection in pictures!

The But 2013 - 2014 collection in pictures!

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For a few years, the But brand has been constantly renewing itself on an increasingly contemporary terrain, a chic and inexpensive version. Before our respective departures for the summer holidays, here is an overview of what she has concocted for the next school year: a concentrate of loft and pastel, nature and retro atmospheres and two bonus novelties, a bathroom and a bedroom baby! Our photo report.

Chic the bathroom!

Purpose Another scoop of this collection: this bathroom! A first for the brand which then bet on a safe bet: mix of walnut and wood.

"Pastel and sweet" mood at the table

Aim Favorite for this pastel dining room. Here, the gradations called softness mix with wood essence to refine a natural and sweet decor.

Loft atmosphere in the bedroom

Purpose Against the backdrop of intensely blue canvas and New York bricks, this bedroom transports us to a highly stylized tranquility.

Divine children's room

Purpose View on a bedroom of brothers and sister furnished with the same charm as that of yesteryear, Mickey headboards, cot with polka dots and linen. Difficult to resist.

An unusual office to eat

But We literally flashed for this child / teen desk as retro as it is graphic. Standing on cross feet, he brilliantly ventures into the field of chic and unusual furnishings.

An arty salon to get inspired

Purpose Flashy blue outfit accessorized with a photo cushion are out for this sofa. A chic way to electrify the living room area!

The workshop version stay

Purpose The factory / loft is back style. Proof with this living room workshop to your fingertips: from the aged leather sofa, to the wooden furniture with wrought iron feet, not to mention the brick color of the walls…

Dress code gray at will

Goal Since gray no longer gives us gray looks but sublimates our desires for contemporary interiors, we consume it without moderation.

Truer than life entry

But Chic this entry! Furnished with wood and refined accessories, it is as welcoming as it is refined (very simply).