Discover in pictures the new fall-winter 2014-2015 collection Conforama and Confo Déco

Discover in pictures the new fall-winter 2014-2015 collection Conforama and Confo Déco

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Scandinavian atmosphere, pop atmosphere, fifties spirit and chic graphic decor, these are the key words of the new fall-winter collection from Conforama and Confo Déco. Colorful sofas, nesting tables, rugs with black and white patterns are waiting for you! If some decorative items are already on sale, it will be necessary to wait until the end of July to be able to discover all of these novelties. To make you want, here are our top 10 favorites!

A practical office

Do you need a practical desk that doesn't take up much space? Conforama has thought of you with this imitation oak model which has large drawers and a floor to clear the workspace. Colin desk: 123 x 87 x 60 cm - 149 euros

First apartment

For the first apartment or studio of your student, there is no question of neglecting the decor in favor of the practice when we can combine the two! This orange convertible sofa adds to the ambiance and the nesting tables provide the right dose of Scandinavian softness that we appreciate. High sofa: 131 x 81 x 86 cm - 281 euros Mileo nesting tables: 54.60 euros Graphic cushions: 8.99 euros

A refined table

We love this white table with light wooden legs with a Scandinavian look. To give it a little graphic look, we draw it up with the Optik service in black and white porcelain and we also retain the idea of ​​white metal chairs installed around the table! Levi table: 160/207 x 73 x 90 cm - 399 euros Mika chair: 39.90 euros Optik service: 29.90 euros

As in a dinner

To create a real American dining atmosphere in your kitchen, we advise you to opt for this white table with chrome legs and for these chairs with a vinyl look. To complete the decor, let yourself be tempted by the Saba refrigerator. So retro! Dean table: 199 euros Dean chair: 89 euros Saba refrigerator: 449 euros

Pop atmosphere

Do you want to give your living room a boost? That's good, Conforama is launching a 100% fluorescent range! From the anise green convertible sofa, to the bright pink nesting tables, to pop accessories and electric colors, you have all the ingredients to create a decor full of good humor. Look sofa: 194 x 77 x 83 cm - 224 euros Mileo nesting tables: 54.60 euros Button cushions: 9.99 euros

Scandinavian office

With its long light wooden legs and its white lacquered workspace, this desk seems straight out of a Scandinavian interior. And to accompany it, what could be better than an office chair which takes up the back of the famous DSW chairs by Charles Eames? Scandie desk: 110 x 100.5 x 50 - 139 euros Egg chair: 69.90 euros Botanical bell: 7.99 euros

Nordic atmosphere in the living room

Small gray bench seat with light wooden legs and three-legged coffee tables create a Scandinavian and modern atmosphere in the living room. We love the blue color of the tray and the tie and dye cushion totally in trend. Linda sofa: 137 x 82 x 81 cm - 240 euros Mileo nesting tables: 54.60 euros

Graphic rugs

The Conforama fall-winter collection has a lot of surprises in store for us, like these graphic rugs, the editor's favorite! What makes us dream even more? Their mini price! 60 x 115 cm - 9.99 euros

Pastel stools

The industrial style is softened at Conforama with these metal stools which are adorned with sugared pink, cloud blue and almond green. In the living room or in a bedroom, they bring a touch of delicacy to the decor. Colombe stools: 14.99 euros