10 colored tiles for your bathroom

10 colored tiles for your bathroom

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It is the color lovers who will be delighted! Flagship coating of the bathroom, the tiles are adorned with colors: blue, green, gray, taupe, and even yellow, red or even multicolored. There is something for everyone, so let yourself be inspired by our 10 atmospheres of colorful tiles.

Shades of blue

Leroy Merlin Seaside ambiance and vacation memories in this pretty bathroom. On the wall, a beautiful gradation of blue then beige and white tiles is arranged in a linear fashion, and makes it possible to enlarge the space.

Duck blue metro tiles

Diffusion Céramique What could be better than a superb duck blue metro tiling to give style to your bathroom? Not covering the entire surface of the wall, it gives it a perspective effect and highlights it.

Multicolored tiles

Sanijura Ideal for twisting a white tile a little seen and reviewed, we opt for tiles of different colors that we have here and there. And for a really colorful bathroom, we choose colorful furniture, matching the tiles.

Blue and taupe tiles

Leroy Merlin Here is a sweet marriage. The combination of blue and taupe tiles creates a relaxing atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. As a bonus? Arrange a small wooden bench for a sauna atmosphere.

White tiles accented with yellow

Ikea To give pep's to a white tile and wake up a reduced space, we opt for a bright yellow tile. Here, this small space, fitted out in a bathroom / laundry room, is subtly highlighted thanks to surprising neon yellow joints, a decorative detail that is very important.

Green, blue, gray and taupe tiles

Leroy Merlin How not to fall for this beautiful combination of colors? Between blue, green, gray and taupe, we dare the color to contrast with the more classic shower area, tiled in light gray and dark gray.

Small light blue tiles

Ikea In a family bathroom, the goal is to create a friendly atmosphere. Here, we opted for a light blue tiling, which we decorate with a few touches of colors (towels, bath mats, cups…). And now, voila !

White tiles accented with blue

Leroy Merlin If you want to play the color card, without having to tile all of your walls, opt for this pretty solution: in the middle of a bright white tile, scatter, at regular intervals, a few blue tiles. And complete it all with a wall painted in emerald green, do you like it?

A tile between green and red

Leroy Merlin Osé! This is an unusual combination of colors, but one that matches perfectly! Rather appreciate this original bathroom where red and green coexist with style and panache.